Saturday, December 1, 2007

Filled To The Full

In the book of Ephesians, Paul talks about being filled with the fullness of God.
Filled... with the fullness... of God... Think about it!
If one is filled with the fullness of God, is there room for anything else?
Is there room for jealousy?
How about hatred?
If one is full of the fullness of God, will some of that fullness spill out?
Can it be contained?
The reality of the fullness of God is that everything and anything pales pitifully in comparison.
All is shrunken and powerless against that fullness.
All enemies fall by the way side.
All trouble seems trivial.
But how does one obtain that fullness?
By entering into the school of love-
That's how.
If we know the love of Christ-
we can be filled.
If we are rooted and grounded in love-
we can comprehend.
Seek to know that love.
Pursue it!
Chase after it!
Beg for it!
Receive it- and be filled with the fullness of God!

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