Saturday, December 1, 2007


Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by!
Because of my namesake, I'm a bit partial to Holly bushes- even if some of them are prickly!
The walk that I try to take every day leads me to a Holly Tree farm! We discovered it last December.
It was a precious gift from my Lord and I thought it was pretty sweet of Him!
He loves me!
I've really been FEELING Him love me lately.
I feel very cherished and precious to Him.
~ Heart~
Ya know what? He loves you, too!
He does! Whether you FEEL it or not-
whether I FEEL it or not-

Well, I wanted to remind everybody that I am updating the blog more frequently now so be sure and pop in over the holidays!
I welcome correspondence and will write back to anyone who leaves a comment -if you so desire. So, if you want to talk or just want to say, "hi" please feel free to leave a comment that only I will see.

This month will begin a series of installments about my journey in this life. In reading it I hope you will see the wonder of the love -who God is.


The Heathen Hippy Child- Part 1

This month will begin a series of installments about my life journey. I hope to add to it monthly or more often as the Lord leads.

A clean slate?

When people ask if I was raised in a Christian home, I tell them, "no." To put it bluntly, I was raised a heathen- a heathen hippy child. I really was. I've often been told that having been raised a heathen really isn't so bad because then I didn't have to un- learn anything and that I had a "clean slate". But ya know what? I really didn't have a clean slate because I did have many influences and impressions that affected my heart and my thinking.

My family didn't claim to be Christian- not at all. Well... I take that back. After filling out forms at grade school one year, I came home and asked my mom, “What does it mean when it says- what religion are you? What am I supposed to put there?” “Well!” My mom replied in a horrified voice, “you put down Christian!!” "Oh...." (Holly shrugs her shoulders and rolls her eyes) I had no clue what she meant. My Mother obviously had received more "religious instruction" than I had... How was little Holly supposed to know?

There were several religious movies that I saw while growing up that gave me some impressions; movies like Ben Hur and The Ten Commandments and another one that I'll mention later but in my opinion, Hollywood's view of the Life of Christ is extremely limited, if not distorted.

For some reason my mom would play religious Christmas music every year. I attended public school in the days that a religious Christmas was observed so I did hear something about angels and a cute little baby Jesus. I knew that Jesus was born and had a little halo- whatever that was. (Holly scratches head) But I had no clue how it all related to me. In the darkened grade school cafeteria, I remember feeling goose bumps running up and down my spine while singing the Christmas carol, Silent Night. I remember liking it but somehow I got the feeling that ghosts were involved! Ha! At any rate, Silent Night became my favorite Christmas carol. I had no idea what "holy" meant, I just liked those goose bumps. Can you blame her?

A Charlie Brown Christmas also taught me a portion of the good news. Again, goose bumps came when I watched that cartoon and especially at the end when all the children sang, Angels We Have Heard On High. In case any of you readers are not familiar with Charlie Brown's Christmas, a little boy named Linus quotes the nativity passage from Luke in this cartoon. At the time, I don't think I realized he was quoting from the scriptures. To my knowledge, I had never even seen a Bible before and I certainly wouldn't have known what was written in one. Well, Charlie Brown's Christmas became the heathen hippy child's favorite Christmas time cartoon. It won over Frosty The Snowman and even Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer! I think even way back then I felt the Lord calling me, drawing and wooing me. I just didn't know what it was!

To be continued...

Filled To The Full

In the book of Ephesians, Paul talks about being filled with the fullness of God.
Filled... with the fullness... of God... Think about it!
If one is filled with the fullness of God, is there room for anything else?
Is there room for jealousy?
How about hatred?
If one is full of the fullness of God, will some of that fullness spill out?
Can it be contained?
The reality of the fullness of God is that everything and anything pales pitifully in comparison.
All is shrunken and powerless against that fullness.
All enemies fall by the way side.
All trouble seems trivial.
But how does one obtain that fullness?
By entering into the school of love-
That's how.
If we know the love of Christ-
we can be filled.
If we are rooted and grounded in love-
we can comprehend.
Seek to know that love.
Pursue it!
Chase after it!
Beg for it!
Receive it- and be filled with the fullness of God!

Life Been Tough?

Has life been tough for you lately?
Oh how hot the battle can seem at times.
Okay- not seem- it really is!
Don't give up comrades.
The God of heaven and your heart is worth fighting for-
worth living for!
He rewards of those who diligently seek Him.
Trust Him.
He really does know how much to send your way.
I know, it's hard to believe at times.
We're tempted to think that maybe God picked the wrong person for the job!
Let's refuse to give in to that temptation.
You are just as capable of winning the fight as the next saint is.
But please, don't try to battle all alone!
God wants to do it through you- by His Spirit.
That's why Jesus didn't stay here on this earth.
He wanted to send the Comforter to be in you so you don't have to fight in your own strength! Our strength indeed is small... Lean hard upon Him today. Truly live as one with Him.

He's calling you and waiting for you to surrender all.
He wants to be glorified by your life.
His desire is for you to be filled with life and light and love; bubbling and overflowing with the goodness of *His* life and spilling out onto others.


No Substitutes

There is no substitute for God.

As soon as we look to anything else to take His place, we will be disappointed.
We can enjoy our creator through His creation.
We can appreciate our Lord as He lives through other people.
But if our focus is on the creation rather than the creator,
the creation will let us down.
Look to the lord to be your all in all!

He Has His Ways

God has His ways.
He knows just how to lead us.
Shaping and moulding are His specialties.
Creating is a part of Him.
He likes to reverse things too.

Death to life
Confusion to clarity
Hate to love

Let Him have His way with you today.
Let Him reverse you.

The Last Word

Does it really matter if you have the last word?
What difference does it make if you are right?
Are you devouring your brother in the name of right doctrine?
Whose name is that?
If we do all that we do in the name of the Lord Jesus
we will be right even if the whole world says we are wrong.
His name is the name above all names.
Let love reign.

So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore

If you've ever wondered just what Holly believes about the church these days, here is a link to an online book that explains it quite well.

My husband and I were so excited to find this book! It puts into words what we have tried to explain to others. The book is written in a fictional and conversational style and it was a short and easy read.


He Will Give You Rest

Come all ye who are weary and heavy laden
and I will give you rest.

That's a promise!!
He will give you rest!

There is a place of rest and calm that comes through being one with the Father.
There is a place of peace that passes understanding.
There is a trust that comes on a breath of the wind.
Ask Him for this if you haven't known it.
It will come.


'Thank you for this trial, Lord."
Can you say it?
Your heart may feel like a 100 pound weight-
but, "Thank you for this trial, Lord."
There's freedom in saying it and victory in believing it!
The storms of life around you are beating but from within the ship you can safely say, "Thank you for this trial, Lord.'

Let the billows roar! Ride the wave! Oh victory in Jesus!
Hang on and count it all joy!
You have been called worthy to suffer for His name.
Give it all to Him.

The Wonder Of It All

Oh the wonder of it all!

I am filled afresh and anew this morning with the awesome wonder of my Savior!
My soul doth magnify the Lord!
I read from the first chapter of John this morning and it all came rushing in on me.
The light of the world... My light!
The Lamb of God which takes away the sin of the world...
My sin! All sin!
He called me, He birthed me and I am His!
Thank you Father.
As I then went on my walk and I prayed under His frosty pink sunrise, I couldn't help but worship...

May every single one of you be filled with the wonder of it all today and then turn around and share it with others.

Stay Soft

~But exhort one another daily....
lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin. ~

I allowed my heart to be hardened last week.
I did so by not stopping to hear what the Lord thought about a certain decision I made.
I had many excuses for doing so, but none of them kept my heart soft. Within hours I became cold, distant and indifferent toward my Lord. My gracious Lord then chastised me.
He didn't let me go my own way! I'm so glad.
Suddenly I was able to hear His voice correct me and instruct me to obey. I obeyed and then joy came.
I felt light again!
There was no heavy burden but an easy and light one.
What a joy to serve a risen Saviour!

Listen to His voice. Don't be afraid of what He tells you.
He doesn't ask us to do anything that He won't enable us to do by His power. Harden not your heart.

Stay soft.