Saturday, March 1, 2008


I'm feeling very whimsical this week...

I generally don't use unnatural objects in my photos but this colorful, little twirl of ribbons seemed to speak to me of March. Do you know what it's saying?
It's saying, "Rejoice! Rejoice! Spring is on its way!"
It's laughing, too. Can you hear it? I can.
I love to laugh! I can't help it!
I also think that this little twirl is dancing in God's sun and wind.

The other night as I was drifting off to sleep, I asked the Lord if He would dance with me. I awoke with a start of joy when I heard Him say "Yes, and not only that but I will teach you how!"
~ Smile~
You see, I've always had a secret little wish to know how to gracefully dance. In the natural, I'm not graceful at all. I have very poor balance and one little twirl can be dangerous for me! But now I know that some day, whether spiritually or naturally, I'm going to be able to dance in God's sun and wind, just like that little twist of ribbon.
God is good, my friends. Never doubt it!
It's my desire that this month as you come here and read that your knowledge of God's goodness will increase and that you will desire to know Him more.


Well, it's pretending to be Winter this morning instead of Spring!

It's 29 degrees (that's COLD) and my right hand is COLD as I type.

But- no worries! The birds are singing outside today and so will I!

The birds can't help it! They must sing for that is what birds do!

So must I sing. I must sing for joy unto my Lord for that is what Holly does!

Have a great day!

Everything Is Going To Be Alright.

Everything is going to be alright.

It really is!

Just look at the daffodils.

Who would think that they would dare to go on in the cold bare facts of life?

Life which can seem so hard and unyielding like the frozen ground.

It might look dark right now.

It might feel dark right now.

But everything is going to be alright.

I promise.

I'm praying for you.

The God that I know

Recently, someone who doesn't know God, asked me to tell him about the God that I know. How does one fit a 28 year relationship into a discussion board thread or a blog post? I must admit that it proved to be a challenge but it was certainly a delightful one. Here is an excerpt of what I eventually wrote but if I know me, I'll add more to it!

My relationship with God doesn't involve rules of do and don't. It's a friendship. He speaks to me and we talk. We do things together and laugh. We share secrets and He holds me when I cry. He is the perfect friend. But He's also a very powerful friend and He has changed me, too. I feel Him inside me and around me and I can see Him working in my life and I see Him in others as well . So, with all that in perspective, I also look to Him as Lord.

Those of you who have read my history, know that I was once a drug dealer and a thief who was filled with all kinds of destructive thoughts and outward harm toward others. I was addicted to illegal drugs, alcohol and promiscuous sex, but He delivered me from all these things in a twinkling of an eye! I was then filled with love, light and joy! (A great exchange if you ask me!) Everything then looked brighter and my heart sang with hope! He then He began to talk to me and we've been talking ever since. It's been an incredible 28 year friendship where He lives in and through me! Me!? Whew! Amazing!

God is also very nurturing toward me- the only nurturing I can remember, so in that sense I hold Him respectfully, lovingly and with honor as a parent. I ask a lot from Him without ever having to worry about over burdening Him. He's supernatural, so He never runs out of strength, energy or power! As I grow older, He asks a lot from me, too. But it's never a burden because I'm kind of like Him- when He lives through me. I still have an earthly body, but with Him living through, I can do seemingly impossible things!

His love toward me is something I feel even more powerfully than the love other people show toward me. His love is more real to me than anything! He is my reason for living. He is my all in all. I don't need anything or anyone else.

This is my God.

This is the God that I know and I want each and everyone of you to know Him, too!

One Day At A Time

All we have to do is live each day the best way we know how, one day at a time. It's when we look at tomorrow and the next day that we can feel overwhelmed. God knew that we, as earthen vessels could not handle living more than one day at a time. That's why we were told by our Lord to take no thought for tomorrow- to worry. What has God given to you to do today? Focus on that and rejoice in it. Thank Him for another opportunity to be conformed to the image of His Son and then go on.

* Faith is the victory

The Heathen Hippy Child- Part 4

This is part 4 of my own spiritual journey. For parts 1-3 please see my Dec- Feb blog entries.

The Brothers

A couple months before my 18th birthday, my sister in law met my future husband along with four of his brothers. These brothers were very serious about their spiritual journey. They had sold all they owned in Texas (where they were from) and they were hoping to live in Christian community. At the time that my sister in law met them, they were living in a camp ground in our area of Washington state. The brothers played guitars and sang songs about God. They had taken many popular songs of the day and changed the lyrics. They talked about God a lot and their lives made a big impact on my sister in law. The more she saw of them, the more she would talk about God and them. She also told me that she wanted me to meet them. But I was not interested in meeting them at all! She specifically would mention one of the brothers whose name was Bobby. She said she really wanted me to meet him and not only that but she wanted me to marry him! I was only 17 at the time and although I was on a constant quest for love, marriage was NOT on my mind! Ha! I couldn't figure out why she would want me to marry some "nice" religious guy who was 9 years older than me!

When the brothers ended up moving in with my my sister in law's parents, it seemed like I would finally have to meet them and I did. Well, yes, they were all very nice and they even looked real to me (long hair and no 3 piece suits) and what child of the 70s could resist a little guitar playing, eh? The love they had for others really stood out to me but what made the biggest impression on me was their singing. One song in particular really had an impact upon me. This was the chorus:

Jesus Christ we love you

Jesus Christ our Lord

Jesus Christ we love you

Jesus Christ our Lord.

It was the craziest thing I had ever heard! We're these guys singing to Jesus?! Did they think that Jesus could actually hear them or something? Weird! But... while they sang that song, I had those old goose bumps come back that I had experienced in grade school while singing Silent Night Holy Night. Hmmmm.

Torn Between Two Worlds

I was now stuck between 2 worlds. The world I was most comfortable in (the party world) wasn't really all that comfortable any more. In fact, I was beginning to really hate it, yet I felt trapped there and unable to leave. I had tried and tried to leave the party world but I was unsuccessful. I continued to see Bobby and his brothers occasionally and the little things they would say here and there, their love for others and their songs were really having a positive effect on me but I was still in a different world than they were. I was still smoking marijuana and drinking heavily on a daily basis and although they seemed real to me they were also so "good" and I wasn't! No one had talked to me about being born again, saying the sinners prayer or any of those religious terms. I saw no way out of the bondage I was in but I continued to feel a drawing and a longing for something better.

A boy friend of mine at this time was heading for the army. I told him that God was calling me and I didn’t really want to “get into God" but that was probably what I was gonna do. Real enthusiastic, huh? I did eventually “try” to be a Christian… I started wearing a crucifix around my neck and once again I tried to quit partying. I also had a picture of Jesus on my bathroom mirror and I would look at it every morning…. Wow... My Christian experience was pretty limited to say the least.

~ Grin~ I also tried to figure out how I could be a Christian party girl but I’d always end up compromising. It was pretty useless. I just couldn’t be a Christian.

I had moved out of my mother's home several times during my teen age years because of conflicts with my step dad but strangely enough, tensions accelerated at home after I met Bobby and his brothers. I moved out of my mother's home for good and moved in with my brother and sister in law. This put me often in the company of these radical Texans but I continued with my party life style as well. I had gotten a glimpse of higher things but those higher things continued to seem way beyond my reach. Light, Life and Love! Oh how I wanted them!

A New Life!
Finally, one night while I was lying in bed on my back, I raised my arms up as if to receive a hug and in frustration I said, “Lord Jesus, I need you!” I don’t remember anything else about that night but the next morning, everything was different! I was different! Everything looked different! Everything was brighter and I specifically remember looking intently at the trees and the sky and (as one friend put it) I had a smile plastered on my face. Joy, peace and light were inside of me. I was filled with love, too! I loved everybody! I forgave everyone! I was able to tear up my list of people I hated! (Yes, an actual list) When I visited my mom and step-dad I really "freaked them out" because I wanted to hug them! We were not an affectionate family and I had not been an affectionate person- at all. But all that changed!

At this same time, I began to hear an inner voice speaking to me. I never wondered or doubted who that voice belonged to or where it was coming from. I just knew it was my Lord! My sister in law had given me a Bible that I had never read but then I began to read it for the first time ever and I read it and read it and read it! I was amazed! I was in love with this man from Galilee! Now, HERE was a man I could trust! Here was a man who could love me with a pure love and wash me clean! Here was a man I could follow!

I read all of the New Testament scriptures within a very short time. I saved Hebrews and Romans for last because I thought they sounded like history and I thought History was boring! Ha! I was so excited and so full of the good news that I wanted to share my Jesus with all my party friends! I loved them all so much and I wanted them to be as happy as I was. I was saddened to discover that they didn’t receive my good news immediately like I had hoped… Oh well! I hope they have entered into life now. I know that someday they will!

I spent less and less time with my party friends and more and more time with Bobby and his brothers. My desire for drugs disappeared and I was able to quit smoking in one day! My addiction to alcohol had started at a very young age but the more I grew to know my Lord, the less I drank, until eventually I was not even getting drunk anymore- even when I tried too.

There were many of us who would hang out together singing, talking about God and playing games. We would share meals and we would go places together, too. What happy days those were! It was only the beginning of my new life in Christ and a new life with the family of God. It was a good beginning and a happy ending to the Heathen Hippy Child.

To be continued... Some day

Just Because

This post is just because!
Just because I love robin's egg blue!
Just because it makes me happy!
I hope it makes you happy, too!

You're Beautiful To Me

There are many songs written by Don Fransico that put different passages from the gospels into ryme. If you're familar with the gospels, read this song and see if you can place it.

Beautiful To Me
by Don Francisco

The crowds were in the streets that day when Jesus came to town
All the synagogue was there and more from miles around
So I asked him home to dinner just to see what I could see
Of this famous local prophet from here in Galilee

And I don't know just how that woman- got into the room
But you couldn't miss her gaudy clothes and her strong and sweet perfume
She went straight to Jesus' feet and stopped and stood right there
Then cried and wet His feet with tears and dried them with her hair

Now of all the women in my town none was more well known
For the fragrant sin she'd lived in and the wickedness she'd sown
But He didn't move to stop her - seemed this phophet couldn't tell
That the woman who was touching Him was the kind they buy and sell

And I had no idea just what this Jesus planned to do
When he said "Simon, there's something I need to say to you."
So I said "Teacher, if it's on your mind then tell me what you will."
But as He began to speak to me the room grew quickly still

He said "Take a good look at this woman now, in spite of all her fears
She's kissed me and anointed me and washed my feet with tears
She's honored me and you've been only rude to me instead
You gave no kiss of greeting, no anointing for my head."

And her sins were red as scarlet and now they're washed away.
The love and faith she's shown is all the price she has to pay
For the depth of God's forgiveness, it's more than you can see
And in spite of what you think of her, she's beautiful to me

Now my anger flamed to hatred, I wanted nothing more
Than to take this prophet by the throat and throw Him out the door!
To act like God, forgiving sins, and then speak so to me
This itinerant from Nazareth in backwards Galilee

But instead I sat and trembled, shaken to the core
The woman still was weeping as she knelt there on the floor
Jesus turned to her and said, "Your chains have been released
Your faith has saved you from your sins, rise - walk in peace."

Your sins were red as scarlet but now they're washed away
The love and faith you've shown is all the price you have to pay
For the depth of God's forgiveness, it's deeper than the sea
And no matter what the world may think, you're beautiful to me

Brave Little Crocus

I feel like a feeble, yet brave little crocus this morning. I'm here and I'm peeking up out of the cold snow of winter to tell you that there is life. There is hope. There is strength, although it seems impossible- as impossible as a flower in the freezing snow. But it's true. If we have the life of God in us, we can grow and we can live and even bloom.

When I first started writing these little devotionals it was for the purpose of encouraging other sisters in the Lord. Everyone can always use a little encouragement right? It's not always easy to reach out to others when you feel in need of help yourself, but that's one of the beauties of the Christian life. You can, through Him, do all He asks of you because He does it through you! Cry out to Him for strength this morning and He will enable you to do the impossible. He'll enable you to press on in spite of insurmountable difficulties and painful, uphill tasks. Don't be afraid. There is life even during the cold, dark nights of the soul, if we'll but dare to push up through all the obstacles and grow.