Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Hello, January!

The LIGHT of Christ

Has come into the world!

We will rejoice in Him and be glad!
We will extol His love more than wine!

Hello, readers!

Are you ready to walk in the light of His presence? Do you want to dwell in the light of his love? Are you longing to be filled with His Spirit and His power so you can rise above the muddy places instead of wallow in them?

Rejoice in the Lord, oh my soul!

Rejoice in the Lord, oh my soul!

In the presence of the Lord There is joy forever more!

Rejoice! Rejoice! In the Lord, oh my soul!

Just Relax

Just relax.
Sit down,
rest your mind and body
and just relax.
It's okay!
The world will not stop turning if you do.
God is in control.
Worrying will not change a single thing except your peace of mind.
Just relax.

Faith To Move Mountains

Faith to move mountains.

I've learned a lot about faith in the last couple years.
I've learned that I can't manufacture it.
I've also learned that I don't have to be afraid of doubt.
I don't have to pretend to have faith.
I don't have pretend to believe.

Instead, I get to hide under the shelter of His wing and tell Him all about those big ole mountains; those that look like they are going to fall on me and smash me to smithereens!
His faith can take care of it.
His faith can move mountains!
I can just rest in His love and trust him to move in with His faith!
You can do that, too.
It's easier than we think.
We've made it too hard!
Rest in His faith.
He has plenty of it!


I feel like some refreshment.
How about you?

A brother of ours once said the following:

Repent therefore and return, that your sins may be wiped away in order that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.

Do you have His presence? There's nothing more refreshing than the breath of His presence! Have you ever danced in the rain after a draught? That's what comes to my mind when I read that portion of scripture...

Our Lord! Our risen and ascended Lord desires to return unto you this day with His presence! He desires for you to return unto Him!

Blessed be the name of the Lord!



Everywhere I go,
Everywhere I turn
I see it and I hear it.
It pops up like toast in between the lines of scripture.
Love? There?
Yes, my child, even there.
It peeks around the corner where its been hidding,
smiling and laughing at me!
Love! Ha! I see you!!!
And off I go... chasing it, catching it,
and tumbling to the earth where He can make it real.
Why didn't I see it before?
What else could possibly matter?

The Heathen Hippy Child- Part 2

This is part 2 of my story about the Heathen Hippy Child. To read part one, please see my entry on the December blog.

Real People?

The people at my public school and my mother were the only people I knew who were not hippies. My older brothers and my sister were smack dab in the middle of the hippy revolution and our home was the hang out and crash pad for all the hippies in our area. We lived in an abandoned ghost town and my siblings would host huge parties that lasted for days where drugs, sex and rock and roll abounded. It was not the healthiest environment for a child to grow up in but they were my people and I loved them all. The hippies were looking for something beyond the American dream. Many of them were just looking for a good time but others were looking for something real.

One of my childhood aspirations was to be the coolest little hippy child alive! I dressed like a little hippy and even wore a head band while at home although my mother would not let me wear one to school. So to me, "real" people were hippies. There was no putting on of airs, no pretending to be something they were not.
A Sunday school bus once carried me off to Sunday school at around age 8. In the class, we were supposed to glue the heads of different Bible "characters" on the right bodies. One of them was John the baptist who was beheaded... (Holly is puzzled) I Didn't know any Bible characters and I didn't like school and I never went back! ~ Sigh~

I don't remember any sermons or seeing the pages of a Bible or hearing scripture quoted at that church. That's not to say that it wasn't, I just don't recall. One event I clearly remember about that place is looking at a new family that had been asked to stand, turn and greet the congregation and I thought, “Eeew! Plastic people!” The family was all dressed up and clean and had smiles on their faces and to me- they were not real people. It makes me aware to this day how I now look to others.

The Jesus People

As the hippy movement continued to grow a revival burst forth. The hippies discovered Jesus! Around age 10 or 11, I had a friend who attended gatherings called Jesus People Meetings. She was very excited and started carrying her Bible to school and she wanted me to go to one of the meetings with her, but my mom said, “No way.” I heard that these people were praying for one of my brothers and that they were reaching out to him... As far as I can recall this is my first memory of a little black book called a Bible, but I have no memories of what it may have contained. Maybe my friend read it to me, but I don't remember.

With this same friend, I did go to a Christian crusade put on by a famous American evangelist. Young people were going forward and putting their drugs on a heap and I wondered what power that man had to make them do that and I really wondered what they were gonna do with all that stuff! Then I remember crying and many other people were crying, too. I wonder if that man urged me to made a “decision” that night but I just don’t remember it? Again, I don't recall any scriptures being read but surely they must have been.

I also had a class mate who was obviously influenced by the Jesus movement- a boy who was called "Bible Boy" because he brought his Bible to school. He evidently wanted to help me and gave me a paper that was supposed to be a letter from Jesus. It talked about how much Jesus loved me and how He sent the breeze my way, made the flowers for me, etc. That letter must have made some type of impression on me but I forgot all about that paper until I read that same writing on the Internet just a few years ago.

All these child hood occurrences left a mark with me and to this day it makes me mindful of what impressions I might be leaving in the lives of others that I come in contact with. It was these impressions and witnesses that helped prepare the ground for the rocky years ahead- the teen age years...

To be continued...

The Body

The body is not one member, but many. If the foot should say, "Because I am not a hand, I am not a part of the body," it is not for this reason any the less a part of the body.

And if the ear should say, "If I am not an eye, I am not a part of the body," it is not for this reason any the less a part of the body.

If the whole body were an eye, where would the hearing be? If the whole were hearing, where would the sense of smell be?

But now God has placed the members, each one of them, in the body, just as He desired.

And if they were all one member, where would the body be? But now there are many members, but one body. (1 Cor. 12: 14-20)

What part of the body are you?

Do you know?

If you don't know, It doesn't matter-

you are still a part of the body.

As you yeild to the Spirit of God-

He will flow through you and use you and make it clear in His time.

There is one part of the body that has been glorified by man.

That member is the mouth.

The mouth has been elevated by man above the other members.

An honest preacher will admit that- usually on a Monday morning.

A body with only a mouth- and nothing else is a body that is not fully functioning. We are all members. Even when we are weak, struggling and yes even failing, we are still useful members of the body.

We all have gifts! Let's use them!

The Choice Is Ours

Do you ever have to learn the same lesson all over again?
I do. Did you wake up feeling happy today? I didn't.
I often wake up feeling joyful.
But then there are some mornings that... well... I just don't!
I wake up grumpy, tired and blue!
I don't want to get up and I cringe from the day ahead.
THAT"S when it's time to make a decision...

Okay, do I WANT to be grumpy?
Do I WANT to greet my family with a frown?
Do I WANT my gloominess to drip all over them?

And now I will ask you the same question-
Do you WANT to be down today?
Do you want to be cheerful and full of life?
Well, if you want to be- you can be.
We have no control over some things.
But how we respond to life, *is* in our control.
We have a choice.

But how do you get up out of the pit of gloominess if you find yourself there?

Begin with thanksgiving.
Did you get only 4 hours sleep last night?
Thank God for it.
It could have been worse!
You could have had only 2 hours sleep,
or worse yet, no sleep at all!
You could have been tortured all night in a prison camp.

Do you have lots of people waiting to be served by you today? Thank God for it.
You could be truly alone right now.
You could be laboring away in a prison camp.
Or you could be homeless on the streets of India.

Victory and joy- It so often begins with thanksgiving.
Thank God for a while this morning.
Thank him for everything you can think of and then start humming.
Soon, a song should come to your lips and a smile to that old grumpy face
and you'll feel yourself lifted up on the wings of praise.
Then you can truly minister to the Lord and any others you come across today.
We have a choice in how we respond to the difficulties of life AND the mundane things of life.
We don't have to have a bad day.
The choice is ours.

Let's Fellowship

Let’s fellowship!
We hear of joining fellowships or being a part of a fellowship. We hear of fellowship times and getting together for fellowship. But just what is fellowship anyway?

My definition of fellowship is a sharing of Christ with one another.

That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with His Son Jesus Christ. (1Jo 1:3)

When I talk to another believer of the Lord Jesus Christ, I want there to be an exchange that takes place; a sharing of the Lord and an exchange of our spiritual gifts that come from Him. I want to know- what is the Lord doing in you? How are you being conformed unto His image? What are you learning? Has the Spirit shown you things to come? May I comfort you through the things I have suffered?

I long deeply for your fellowship! The reason I am writing this is because I feel compelled to share with you what the Lord has given me. And this, to me is fellowship. Ever since my beginning in Christ, I have longed deeply to share Him with others but also to have others share Him with me! I need what you have! I want what you have! We need each other. This is the body of Christ.

I believe true fellowship is missing in many of our lives. We’ve heard “good sermons” or done good works but so many are shy when it comes to fellowship.

But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. ~ (1Jo 1:7)

What if we openly shared our hearts and lives with every disciple we met and they did the same with us? What if it didn’t matter where we were or if we were a part of their group or not? What if you fellowshipped with me and I with you and together we fellowshipped with my neighbor? Oh! My heart beats within me to see this happen for God’s people. Indeed, to see it happen for God! To see it happen for the world! No walls! No guards up! No suspicions! An openness of heart and a sharing of spiritual gifts. I don’t want to see us hide Christ in us or keep Him “personal” anymore.

If you feel yourself holding back from sharing Christ freely with other believers, ask the Lord why that is. We need you!