Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Hello April!
Girl, we have been WAITING for you!
(Just a bit of Southern influence there.)
There's been so many new flowers popping up and buds bursting out that I can't help but rejoice at your coming. Welcome! We're glad you're here.

Don't you just love the photo above?
Doesn't it look good enough to eat?
Hang around a few months and you'll be able to!

I'm so glad you've stopped by.
I've been publishing this little blog for almost a year now. If you're new to blogs, you can look there on the side and you will find an archive of past posts listed month by month that you can click on.
I hope you enjoy your visit here.
May your heart be filled with
love, joy and peace as you come to know Him more.

Just Be Yourself

It's okay!
Just be yourself.
Don't hide who you really are.
And please realize that people change, too.
Who you were 10 years ago might not be who you are today.
God loves you just the way you are and so do I.

Do You Know Him?

Do you know Him?

I know I've asked this question before but I want to ask it again.

Do you know Him?

Is it possible that you think that He is beyond knowing?

He's not.

He wants to have a relationship with you.

He wants to speak to you and He wants to hear you speak to Him.

Seek and you will find.

You CAN know Him.

Please don't ever forget that.

It All Depends On How You Look At It

I like Dandelions.
I see them as a happy sign of Spring.
I even eat the new ones battered and fried!
But I haven't always felt this way.

Years ago, I had a tiny green lawn. I liked to think that it was one of the nicest lawns in town and I made sure to keep the dandelions OUT of it! But then my mother in law came from Texas to visit.

As we went out walking one day, we passed a yard FULL of dandelions.
"How pretty!" My mother in law exclaimed. "I wonder what all those pretty yellow flowers are!"
~ Smile~
I sputtered and stammered as I tried to explain that those pretty little flowers were weeds and that we didn't like them and that we tried to get rid of them.
~ Blush~

So often, life depends on how we look at it doesn't it?
I want to look at life with positive eyes.
Sure, there are some ugly things out there,
but we can think about how God will one day change it- that's positive.
We can think about the joy that will one day come.
We can rest in the knowledge that God knows how to comfort the broken and the broken hearted. Suffering DOES come to an end.
We can think about how Paul said that the sufferings of this time cannot be compared to the glory that will be revealed. (By the way, I believe him.)
The prophets have said that all flesh will see the salvation of God and that all will know Him. That's positive! That's something to look forward to.
And that's how I deal with the ugly things.
One day- somehow- someway- all and everything will be redeemed!
Even the dandelions.


What If?

What if?
What if you met a child who was sad most of the time?
Would that make you sad?
What if when the subject of his dad came up, that child would hang his head?
What if he then made statements such as, 'I'm no good. I'm always messing up.
My Dad is disappointed in me. Why would my dad want to do anything for me?"
What would you think?
Would you think that there was something wrong with that child?
Or would you think there was something wrong with his DAD?
My guess is that you would suspect abuse on the part of the dad.
You might even feel anger toward that dad and have a desire to meet the guy!
Children should be happy!
Children should feel secure in their Daddy's love.
They should know that he desires to help them and do good things for them.
And when we hear of a dead beat dad who doesn't do these things, we feel sorry for a child.

That's sort of how I feel when I met a grown child of God who makes the same type of statements and then hangs his head. The only thing is, I KNOW his Dad! I know he's not abusive! I know that He is a loving and kind parent.

So what's the problem? Could it be that they really don't know their heavenly Dad? Could it possibly be that someone or something has clouded their perception of who God really is- what His character is like?

The Lord my God is my Dad. Is He yours? If He is yours, is He a "good dad'? How are we representing Him to other people? Let's Think about that.

The Lord Is A Good Shepherd

My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me;(John 10:27)

Jesus gave His life for all the sheep. He's the GOOD Shepherd! He loves to lead us and guide us and save us. He loves to speak to us. He said we hear His voice.

When we can focus on what the Shepherd is saying to us, it is such a peaceful and restful graze. When we are focused on what we think other sheep are supposed to be hearing, that's when we can get agitated.

Please, don't overly concern yourself with what others are doing. The GOOD Shepherd is well able to direct and guide. I promise you, He is a good Shepherd and none of the sheep will be lost.

Are You Confused?

Are you confused?
Are you tired of trying to figure every thing out?

Are you demanding answers that don't seem to come?
I don't like confusion.
To be honest, I don't like puzzles or riddles either.
Some people do but I am not one of them.
Some people thrive on stress and challenges. Not me.
I like to float on the breeze.
I'm a dreamer. I enjoy peace and quiet.
Fighting is not for me.
I'm not comfortable around anger.

I like to smile and laugh!

If there is something that you don't understand,
just ask the Lord about it and then rest.
Striving does not bring answers.
Dwelling in anger will not bring relief.
The Lord our God delights in fellowshipping with His people.
He does!
He is willing and able to answer your questions
but it's when and IF He sees fit.
He knows what is best for you.
He knows just what you need to know.
He IS God.

Can you try and rest in His timely answer or His holy hush?
Can you trust and relax in His will?
There is peace and joy in such a place.
That wonderful place is available to you.
I pray that you will enter into such rest and find quiet for your soul.

Give Your Heart A Home

Are the words of this song for you? Is He calling you?

Give Your Heart A Home
by Don Francisco

I hear your hollow laughter -your sighs of secret pain
Pretending and inventing just to hide your shame
Plastic smiles and faces- blinkin' back the tears
Empty friends and places all magnify your fears

If you're tired and weary, weak and heavy laden
I can understand how -it feels to be alone
I will take your burden- if you'll let Me love you
Wrap My arms around you
Give your heart a home

It hurts to watch you struggle- and try so hard to win
But trade your precious birth right for candy coated sin
Wasting precious moments- restless and confused
Building up defenses for fear that you'll be used

If you're tired and weary- weak and heavy laden
I can understand how- it feels to be alone
I will take your burden- if you'll let Me love you
Wrap My arms around you
Give your heart a home

Take My yoke upon you and walk here by My side
Let Me heal your heartaches- dry the tears you've cried
Never will I leave you- never turn away
Keep you through the darkness
Lead you through the day

If you're tired and weary- weak and heavy laden
I can understand how -it feels to be alone
I will take your burden- if you'll let Me love you
Wrap My arms around you
Give your heart a home
Wrap My arms around you
Give your heart a home