Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm Ready For You, August! I Think...

What do you think? Does this look hot?
Does it look like August?
Well friends, I'm bravely facing August with the courage of a lioness!
I can do this!
I can be bold and courageous!
And you can, too, my friends.
It doesn't matter what you're facing-
the Lord and I are cheering for you and you can do all things through Christ!

If it crosses your mind to leave a comment today, I love hearing from you!
Please, don't be shy!
Even if you just say a quick howdy, it blesses me!
It's so nice to know that someone is there.
It encourages me to keep writing.

If this is your first visit with To know Him More, This is my opening post for the month and any new blog entries will appear directly below this one as the month progresses.

Please note that all the photos on this blog were taken by talented people across the Internet but I am not one of them. :>

It Wasn't Supposed To Turn Out Like This!

I know I have said this before but I think anything worth saying is worth repeating don't you?

We don't have to know it all.
We don't have to figure everything out.

Maybe something has happened in your life that has "thrown you for a loop".
Perhaps you THOUGHT life was heading in a particular direction and then SCREECH! Instead, life took a U- turn. Maybe you even thought that the Lord had orchestrated events to help make the trip more pleasant for you but now you're wondering if the Lord had anything to do with your plans at all...


Hey, it doesn't matter.

It really doesn't!

Life can be complicated enough with out having to figure everything out. Just live! Just get on with life! I hope that doesn't sound hard or lacking in compassion, but friends, sometimes we just have to move on.

And it doesn't hurt to laugh at ourselves either. :>

Keep a sense of humor.

It's no big deal-

compared to God...

Lord, I ask that you help my friends to enjoy the journey and not be concerned about where the journey is taking them. Thanks.

Is It Really That Important?

Is it really that important?
Is it?
Does it really need to occupy so much space in your thoughts;
so much worry on your mind?
Probably not...
God knows if it's important or not.
And He can take care of it.

Cast all your cares upon Him.

And have a wonderful day!

Carbon River

Here's one of my favorite places in the whole world! The Carbon River in Washington state. Look at all the rock! Do you see Mount rainier peeking out in the distance? The Carbon River is a white, roaring river and you can hear those rocks booming and tumbling through the rushing water! It's a powerful place to just sit and listen and feel the breeze blow and feel the river splash and spray on your face, but most of all it's a good place to feel the love of our Father...
My home state of Washington has been on my mind because this August in Virginia has felt a bit more like a Washington Summer. I was so brave and ready to face the fierce heat of August and... it hasn't come! Ha! No complaints here! Camping anyone?

He Is Exalted!

He is exalted!
The King is exalted on high!
I will praise Him!

That's what my heart was singing this morning!
It's an exclamation point morning!
I think the fruit of the field is singing the same...
Do you see them waving before the Lord of glory?

He *is* exalted on high.
He *is* exalted everywhere!
But what is so amazing to me is that He is exalted in you and me!

He is exalted!
Forever exalted!
And I will bless His name!

He is the Lord!
Forever His truth will reign!
Heaven and earth-
Give praise to His holy name!
He is exalted
Forever exalted on high!

~ We do praise you, Lord! Please bless all those who come here to read today.~


A good and glorious morning to you!
Our God reigns!
He really does!

Giving Thanks

I love those times when thanks and praise toward God just well up in my heart and spill out into words! Ya know, it's funny, but some people give thanks because they think that is what they are supposed to do.

I always liked it when my children would remember to say, "thank you" but when I knew that they really felt it and meant it, I knew that their hearts were growing and developing. They were growing up!

God's not looking for a performance from us.
He's loving our hearts!


He gives me joy that's unspeakable
And I like it
And I like it...

I feel joyful today!
Or is it happiness?
Do you know the difference?
I don't think I do.
I used to think that I knew.
I used to think that I knew a lot of things!
But then I lived a while;
suffered a while, fell down a few times and even became confused.
Now I am simply happy to feel joyful and joyful over being happy!

How about it? Do want to have a happy day with me, my friends?
The Lord loves you!


Beware Of The Parrot

When talking about spiritual things, do you talk about what you've been told or about what you know? There is a difference. There is!

There are times when I can hear someone speak or I can read what they say and I can tell that they are not speaking from what has been truth, life and reality to them. Instead, they are speaking what they've been told is the correct doctrine to believe. Then they feel obligated to indoctrinate the rest of us. :>

At this same time, something really weird happens.
It's as if this "other" person steps in.
It's like a trained parrot takes over but then- Pop! It's gone and the real person is back in his place. You know, the real person who doesn't really know everything- only what he has been taught of the Lord.

Now what's really gross about all this is that I can look back upon my own words- my own past -and see that silly parrot take over for a bit. ~ Blush~
I say it's really gross because self- righteous pride and indoctrination never looks as bad as it does on our own selves. ~ Blush again~

Lord have mercy!
And He does.
He knows.
We amuse Him just like children amuse us.
It's okay.
We learn.
We grow up- eventually- because He grows us up.
He teaches us and what He teaches us becomes life!

The Loudest Crash

Have you ever put someone on a pedestal?
Have you been placed on one yourself?
There's no crash quite as loud as a fallen idol.
We are all vessels of God.
But we all make mistakes.
God lives through us-
but we don't deserve worship.

Help us, Lord, to put you first and foremost!

Wonderful Watermelon Weather

It was a hot Summers day...
The kind that makes me want to cry.
A friend walked up to me and smiling brightly she said, "Isn't this wonderful watermelon weather!?"

~ G-rrrrrr ~

She then proceeded to explain to me that she had a friend who had once said the same to her.

Her friend had suggested that instead of complaining about the heat, we should try remembering that without hot summer days, the watermelons wouldn't grow well.
What a great way of looking at the heat!
I'm trying to remember that.
I promise.

I really am.


Do you feel guilty?
Is it nagging at you and pulling you down?
Have you done something that you deeply regret?
Maybe you feel guilty about something you haven't done.
Whatever your case might be, Jesus said His yoke is easy.
When we take His life, it's joy.
How about it?
Let's say we trade that guilt for freedom?
Let the wind of God's spirit blow that guilt off of yours.
Then you will be free to soar!

Lord, we don't want this guilt. Would you please take it away? Would you please give us the courage to refuse it?

It's Lovely But It's not Mine

A couple people have asked me recently if the photos on this blog were taken by me. I am such a poor photographer that it never occurred to me that anyone would think they were mine! Ha! My family teased me for years for "cutting heads off" when I'd take a picture of them.
So the answer is, No.
All the photos on this blog were taken by others and found on a photo sharing site.

Do You Have It All Together?

Do you think that I have it all together?
I don't.
Those of you who know me personally- know that I don't!
I'm growing- just like you.
I'm learning.
I've made mistakes.
I've totally blown it at times.
I've made a fool of myself.
I've fallen flat on my face and flat on my back.
But hey, that means I'm alive!

When I write a post about being free from guilt, it's because I've been experiencing guilt. When I write a post about joy, it's because I'm experiencing it.

Whenever I pass through a dark place or happy place and I learn something from it, I pass it on to you.
That way we can pass through life together.
We can learn through our victories AND our mistakes.

So take consolation in this my friends: If you really mess things up, someone will learn from it! :> Nothing is wasted in this life.

He's Waiting

I'm not sure how you found your way here to this post, but God does.
He is waiting.
He's known about you all along.
He's loved you all along.
He's the one who will make sense out of all this.

Can you forget everything you've ever heard about God and just go to Him?
There is a lot of misinformation out there.
Can you just go to Him?
Nothing shocks him.
He can't be embarrassed by your words or deeds.
He is the one who created you.
He knows.
He's waiting.

Love Or Judgement?

Some people say God is a God of mercy and love.
Others say He is a God of righteousness and judgement.
I say He is both.

I know Him as both.

For the Lord will not reject forever, for if He causes grief, then He will have compassion according to His lovingkindness. (Lam. 3:31-32)

Love is not all ooey- gooey, weak and spineless.
It's not!
God's love can be corrective but it is also redemptive!
God's love is righteous but righteousness is not hard-nosed and sadistic.
Have you ever looked up the word "mercy" in a Bible concordance?
What you will find, is wonderfully refreshing.
Think about the type of parent you would like to be.
Our Father God is the perfect parent.
Never too lenient.
Never too strict.
He doesn't spoil.
He's never irrational.
Makes no mistakes.
plum, pure, perfect!
Think about it...


When I saw these flowers I thought about the words of this song:


Will you celebrate with me today?
Will you forget about yourself?
Will you forget about them?
The ones who say what you should and should not be doing.
The ones who say what you should and should not believe.
The ones who look down on you or hurt you.
The ones who expect more from you than you can possibly give.
Let's just forget about everything else and celebrate our Jesus!
It's a joy and a privilege!

Dark Night Of The Soul

Have you heard of it?
Are you in it?
Do you fear it?
There's beauty there- if you can remain quiet long enough to see it.
Fear not little flock.
This too shall pass.