Friday, June 1, 2007

Are you satisfied?

Are you sweetly satisfied? Or are you still searching?

Friends, a spouse, children, fellowship, a job, none of these things will satisfy your longings.
Nothing, absolutely nothing except a real, lasting, two -way relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ will completely satisfy with a lasting contentment.
He satisfies like nothing and no one else can.

We are meant to be one with Him.
Every person on this planet is either longing to be filled with Him -or - longing to have more of Him.
Everyone might not know that yet though.
Once every eye has finally "seen" him, then all will know what they have been longing for and they will recieve.
If He is your all- you can stop your searching.
You can rest in His refreshing, infilling Spirit.
If you want Him to be your all but it seems beyond your reality, reach out. With all that is within you, seek until you find.
He is worth fighting for, praying for, and waiting for.
He, my dear friends is worth dying for!
Drink of Him today and be satisfied.


Once again, God has spoken to me through His creation. God has taught me to be one to stop and "consider the ant' or the bee or whatever God brings my way. What I considered this morning was the sunrise... It was incredible! What made it so incredible was the fact that there were clouds surrounding it. There were all kinds of clouds, wispy ones, puffy ones, and the layered pastry kind too. The best sunrises and sunsets always have clouds in them. The clouds are filled with light and changing colors but a cloudless sunrise is... much less glorious. You just can't see as much color reflected.

Dear ones, the clouds that God has allowed in your life are for showing His light, His power and His glory. The Son will be reflected through you and through your life. Without those clouds.... He'll receive less glory.
Let Him shine through your clouds of circumstance. It's so much better that way.

More and ever more

"More and ever more of Christ in our lives, more of dependence upon Him, is the remedy for every lack, the solution of every difficulty.”- Mrs. Hudson Taylor

It doesn't matter what the difficulty is, "more of Him" puts that
difficulty in the right perspective. The problems of life can grow
wonderfully dim when we abide in Him, look to Him, fully love Him and are filled with Him.

More of Him is the answer to whatever trial you're going through right now.
The trial doesn't necessarily go away when we have more of Him but it reduces the effect it has on our mind and heart. More of Him allows us to walk in victory, be calm and truly trusting in the midst of the storm. The trial will no longer scream at you and demand your devoted attention.

Sometimes more of Him WILL result in the trial going away. It goes away because God takes the trial away because He sees you've been proved and tried and He will allow something new to test you instead!

But, the truth is, some problems and trials need to stay around for a while. We learn so much from them. Sometimes God will say "my grace is sufficient for you' and the apparent lack or difficulty of the trial will continue. But, oh joy unspeakable and full of glory, you are a temple of Christ and you will endure. You will overcome, for His strength is made perfect in your weakness.

Sometimes when we find more of Him in our lives the difficulties and lack actually do disappear as we realize there hadn't been a difficulty or a lack after all but rather a simple temptation to look after self. There really wasn't an outside problem after all. WE were the problem. Once self is put where it should be, Christ can shine through and no shadow of sorrow remains.

Of course not all difficulties, problems and trials are like this. Some situations are REAL problems no matter what angle or perspective you look at it from. But the answer is still the same-
~More and ever more
of Christ in our lives. ~

Are you waiting?

Are you waiting on the Lord for something today? I think it would be safe to say that most of us are. Well, as the psalmist said- Be of good courage! The Lord is worth waiting on and He never disappoints us. But His ways are not our ways. It may be that in your waiting, the Lord has strength for you. He may want to take you and put you in His secret place where none of this earth's trials can move you- only settle you deeper into the foundation of the Rock.

* Remember, sometimes the Lord calms the storm but at other times, He let's the storm rage and calms His child.

Oh, to be filled with the knowledge of God's will.

"Oh, to be filled with the knowledge of God's will! to be so filled with the presence of the Lord Jesus, so one with Him, that His life may flow through our veins; that He may borrow our lips to speak His messages, borrow our faces to look His looks of patience and love, our hands to do His service and our feet to tread His weary journeys. The dear Master can never be weary again by the side of any well, but we may be weary by the side of many for Him." ~ Hudson Taylor

The Father is searching for people to live through. It is His plan and His way. I want to be totally surrendered to Him to live through me as He desires. No matter what that means. For many years, it was His desire for me to be used by Him to bring more people into the world. Then it was His will for me to help prepare the way for Him to dwell in those people. Now, I'm sitting here writing to you.

Remember~ All that we do, can be for Him; every little, bitty thing. And as long as we are living in Him, His will is not hard to find.


Are you resisting what God has allowed in your life?
Are you complaining against your circumstances?
Are you chaffing, pacing and to the point of tears?
I used to be that way too.
At times, I am still tempted to grumble and dispute with my life- with my God.
But I have learned that my troubles are a gift.
My trials are for my good.
Trials refine and conform me.
God wants me to be one with Him.

Dear friends in Christ, rest in what He's given you.
In everything give thanks,
for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
Rejoice evermore!

We would do well to remember Job.
He worshipped God in his affliction
and he didn't get to see the full picture like we do!
The story of Job is in the Bible for a reason.

Let's say to ourselves today:
Okay, this is it.
This is what I have to work with.
God hasn't made a mistake.
I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.
I'm going to bless God today.
Let's go!
Let's praise Him, worship Him, love Him and move forward.
We'll forget any mistakes we've have made in the past because God has.
We'll do all things with out grumbling or disputing.
We were created to give Him glory in all circumstances and situations.
Our situation IS NOT unique or excluded.
Our life IS NOT an exception.
We are His workmanship, created for good works in Christ.

Embrace these truths and live a wonderful, glorious life!

Do Women Need To Talk?

Let's face it.
Sometimes we women just need to talk.
It's true isn't it?
Well, at least it's true for me.
There are times when I'll be relating a problem to my husband
or one of my sisters in the Lord,
and all of the sudden a light will come on and I will see the answer to my problem without anyone saying anything!
At other times I don't see that light
and I need to be given advice and take it.

There are times though when GOD is the only answer.
There are times when talking magnifies the problem and causes it to fester and steam and the next thing you know
We can think of nothing else...
There's nothing we'd rather talk about,
than the all consuming, sleep stealing, PROBLEM.
Then, the time has come (or has past) to lay it all before the Lord.
To bring it to Him, roll it over on Him and trust Him to solve the problem.
"Oh, but I have prayed” we'll say.
Yes, but are we leaving the problem with Him-
or dragging it around by talking about it?

Worship the Lord in your trial dear sisters.
Thank Him for it and all that it will work in your life.
Count it all Joy.
Let patience have her perfect work.
Worship Him and thank Him
and focus in on what all He has done for you already.
Thank Him for who you are in Christ.

Now, that's something we can talk about!