Sunday, November 16, 2008

Scriptures Located In The Side Bar

If you are a frequent visitor here,
have you ever read through the scriptures I have copied in the side bar?
I had so much fun talking to the Lord as I chose which verses to put there.
There is a story told there.
A wonderful story!
But now wait, please don't allow any thoughts that condemn.
Please don't say, "Oh, I guess I really should read those some time."

I do not believe that all of scripture speaks to all people at all times.
I believe there are seasons- for everything.
If the Lord is not speaking to you through those scriptures,
then they are mere marks on a screen.

The Lord does like to speak to us in many ways, but to my surprise,
I have found that there are times that He wants to be quiet.
If anyone has a right to be quiet- It's HIM!
I once thought that if God was quiet, He must be mad at me!
I also thought that if He was speaking, then I must really be doing something right!
Thank God for deliverance from SELF!
Thank God for deliverance from DOING!
And thank God for YOU!
Thanks for coming by.


Anonymous said...

Happy Sunday, Holly.

Those DO tell a good story.

I appreciated this - "I do not believe that all of scripture speaks to all people at all times."

I have really come to believe that over the past couple of years. The Bible becomes confusing to me if we're supposed to synthesize everything at once... Honestly, I was quite upset with God about this a few times, but I think he caused me to calm down and begin to understand that there's lots of different people he needs to talk to through scripture...

Glad you're feeling better.


Holly said...

Happy Sunday to you, too, Andrew! Thanks for being glad with me that I'm feeling better! Yahooey!!


Do you know what else I'm glad about? I'm glad that our Father knows how to raise ALL His children! And I'm also glad that a relationship with Him isn't all about correctly understanding the Bible! How we approach the scriptures can make SUCH a difference in how we approach God- AND how He approaches us!

Have a great day, Andrew!

Mara (the coffee lover) said...

awesome picture!

Holly said...

Hi, Mara!

I be a coffee lover, too!

Thanks for coming by. I think I've been by your blog before. I'll hop back over now.

~ Hearts ~