Friday, December 5, 2008


Do you have a difficult time believing that God has forgiven you?
Maybe it will help if you remember this:
He's asked us to forgive our enemies.
Wouldn't He do the same?
I hope you have an amazing day!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Thanks for putting that into perspective. How could we doubt? Twyla

Holly said...

Well you're welcome, Twyla!

God's love and forgiveness is so wonderful! I hope you enjoy it/Him today!

~ Hearts ~

sweetmemorymakingmom said...

Hi Holly! Thank you for stopping by and missing me! I love your new girlie blog! I had a chance to stop by real quick! The girls are still sick but on the mend. I had to take Jane to the ER last Monday night because she was weezing and having trouble breathing because she was coughing and having bronchial spasms. First for me and very scary. Dan stayed home with Audrey and I took her to the hospital where I work. They gave me a stronger cough medicine and an albuterol inhaler with a mask and spacer to give her the breathing treatment. This is the fifth time in alittle over two months that the girls have been sick. The doctor at the ER told me that this is how it will be and get use to them being sick most of winter! NOt fun, especially because I have gotten sick a few times too. So today I am going grocery shopping but my mom will watch the girls, so I don't have to bring them! Thank you for caring! I truly appreciate it! Maybe you could say alittle prayer for healing and continued healing. Warm Hugs, Ellen

Holly said...

There you are, Ellen! I know both our families have been sick so often this Fall so I had wondered but hoped you all *weren't* sick again!

I will pray for healing and strengthened immune systems...
Well, I don't think that dear Dr. should have said what he did...
Get used to it?
Always hope for the BEST!
He should have known better.
Poor man.

My youngest was sick a LOT when he was little and I worked real hard at building up his immune system. He responds really well to lots of vitamins and herbs.

Thanks for coming by!

~ Warm hugs ~

Jenny S said...

What a beautiful post! Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog! I too love that snowman card!

Holly said...

You're welcome, Jenny! Thanks for coming by!

~ Hearts ~

Priscila said...

the giveaway is from the joli paquet blog

I won some stickers!!! I love much fun!!!

What have you been up to? I want to go to the wild animal park but its almost 5 and dark outside it would be to see th e lights because its starting to get cold and no animals!

Holly said...

Congratulations on your win, Priscila! I saw that give away but wanted to keep it for the "students" who had been going there all month.

Hope you got to go to the park!

~ Hearts ~

the voice of melody said...

This is an excellent topic and one I had difficulty with when I first became a Christian. I was having problems understanding how He could forgive everything I've ever done wrong, everything I've ever said that was inappropriate, every thought I've ever had that was ungodly, etc. Then I read the Bible from the first page to the last, and it quickly became clear that He does forgive ALL of us ALL of our sins. The only thing we need is repentance and faith. Thanks for the wise words as always! :)

Holly said...

Hi, Melody!

Isn't it amazing just how big God's love is? Love forgives!

~ Hearts ~