Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Every One Is Different!

I'm a people watcher- an observer.
( Does that mean I'm nosey?)
While visiting my grandchildren this month, I had the opportunity to observe the people in their apartment complex.
So many different types of people live there.
They come and they go.
Some stay- a lot.
They stop at each other's doors.
They sit in each other's door ways.
They play together.
And they are all so different yet they all are in each other's lives.
Oh, I would imagine there's some stories of irritation that could be told!
Tales of stretching and growing are probably being written on a daily basis, as all these different ones interact and learn from one another.
But it was a reminder to me of God's creativity with all living things.
There is not just one type of person that has some imaginary stamp of God's approval!
He loves us all.
He made us all.
And we're all special.
Let's just remember that every one is different.


Anonymous said...


Lord, help me to not be accusatory towards how others are free to love You! Help me not to cause THAT pain. We are ALL free to worship God how WE are led to worship Him and enjoy His creation.

Lord, I hope all will come to this knowledge of Your truth.

We are FREE!!!

Holly said...

Amen to your prayer! I agree!

Somewhere In Time- Christie (yardsalequeen) said...

Hey Holly,
Beautiful Post! Everyone is so different, but each one is special and created the way God made them to be... to reach those he wants reached, touched and helped. I know God is using you....I think your devotionals are wonderful...you are gifted.

Holly said...

Thank you, Queenie!

I believe God usies everyone... Even those who are REALLY, REALLY different! :> And even those who don't KNOW they are being used. That's how big our God is! Yay, God!

In Him we live and move and have our being!

Have a great day, Queenie!