Thursday, May 1, 2008


Alright, I will apologize right off for my recent Pink party. I love to find the color Pink among the flowers of nature! There is never a shortage of Pink in the rising and setting of the sun either and I'm glad. For some reason, the color pink amazes me. Well, all colors amaze me because my Dad invented them but Pink... well, it just makes me feel happy to look at it. ~Smile~ I hope it can help you to feel happy, too!

If this is your first time to visit this blog, I go with a monthly magazine type of format. I don't know why, I just like it that way. I put up a fresh batch of posts at the beginning of each month and then I add on more posts as inspiration and time allows. Any new posts will be the second from the top. Be sure to check back through out the month so you won't miss anything. But if you do happen to miss a post, the option to go back and view past months is always there.

We have a change of direction for this merry, merry month of May. We're going to try making comments public again. I really want to hear from you. If something blesses you, please tell me. I like human encouragement. If something challenges you, may the Holy Spirit raise you up to the occasion. If you disagree with something I write, please don't tell me. I shrivel under criticism. Maybe by next year I'll have grown in the area of receiving constructive criticism but until then, please tread lightly.

I hope you enjoy this Spring filled month as we rejoice and worship our Creator!

Your friend,


The Club

I haven’t done any research about the history of clubs but surely they’ve been around for a very long time. It is the tendency of man to surround himself with those of like mind. He wants to join hands with those people while enjoying and accomplishing something at the same time. This makes me think about the church as it is commonly known today. I think somewhere along the way, someone lost the way. Perhaps men couldn’t get their natural minds around what it means to worship the Father in Spirit and Truth. (That’s like trying to grasp the wind.) Maybe they couldn’t naturally discern what it means to be Christ’s body either. Could it be that the true purpose and function of the church, also escaped their natural understanding? Did they substitute those glorious privileges and callings for something else- something they could grab hold of?

For some, an Old Testament temple type of ritual service was the answer. But for others, a club mentality was more to their understanding. Could it be your understanding too? Many today are searching and longing for the church that is just right for them- one that they can "belong" too. They have lists of questions that they ask themselves or others while they look. The questions asked about a club are very similar, if not exactly like the ones that people ask when looking for a church. Read through the club questions below while keeping the word “church” in your mental parenthesis. See what you think:

What club do you belong to?
Where do you meet?

What’s it like?

Can I bring my kids?

Is it fun?

Who’s the president?

Who’s on the board?

Who all goes there?

What do they wear?

Is it informal?

Do you think I’d fit in?

Do you have any information I can read about your club?

How many members do you have?

What do you have to do to join?

Are there any dues to pay?

What time do the meetings start?

Do you have to go to all the meetings?

How long has the club been around?

What are the by -laws?

How do I know if your club is the one for me?

How is it any better than the one I’m a member of now?

(Oh… and by the way) what is the purpose of your club?

And that now leads me to ask a question of my own.
What is the purpose of the church?

Answer To Unspoken Prayer

I'm not positive but I think this is a photo of Lake Michigan. I lived near lake Michigan once. When I moved there, I didn't realize I'd be living so close to the lake or how big the lake was. If you've never been there, it's really BIG. It's like the ocean if it's a windy day- which is almost always! the beach is sandy and it just feels like "the beach". When I lived there, I considered it a gift from God; an answer to a unspoken request. You see, I had always wanted to live near the Pacific ocean. My heart longed for it. I love the ocean. But, my husband does not. In our marriage there is a lot of give and take. I don't have everything my way and he doesn't either. So, living by the ocean or visiting there often, isn't something I have done in my married life. But when we moved to Michigan, it was the next best thing. God gave me the desire of my heart while being sensitive toward my husband's desires too. God's like that. He loves His kids and likes to surprise them with little things at times. I love Him.

The Meeting

I love and accept all my brothers and sisters in the Lord. I truly believe that our Father raises us all up differently. Who am I to question the way He raises you? Some of us are in a place of questioning a lot of traditional practices and some of us are not- and that's okay. Because we can often misunderstand each other, I always like it when I find something that explains my thoughts better than I can. I came across a quote some time back that echoed my own sentiments concerning attending church meetings so I thought I would add it here. I hope this quote will help you understand my thoughts.

“On the other hand, we do not put a premium on meetings. My walk with God would in no way be hampered if I never attended a meeting! I would not fall into sin or error, or backslide. My spiritual growth is not meeting oriented. I do not have to attend gatherings in order to stay spiritual and follow Christ into sonship. But when gatherings are appointed of the Lord, on a regular or occasional basis, there is a mutual benefit derived from the presence and power of Christ "in the midst." We condemn none who attend meetings, nor do we condemn those who don’t. Nor do we praise either group. We have learned from many years of walking in the Spirit with God’s people that the Lord deals with every man in His own unique way and according to His purposes for our spiritual growth and development — and His will for us in these areas is subject to change from time to time! To know the Father’s will for our walk today — that is the issue! And then to abide there with no condemnation either to ourselves or to others whom the Lord is leading differently." J. Preston Eby-

So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore

Several months back, I read the online book, So You Don't want to Go To Church Anymore.

This book put into words so many of the things that the Lord has taught me about what the church is. It is a work of fiction but it clearly reflects the lives of many. It is an enjoyable and short, easy read.

Many of my friends have read this book as well and some of us agree that although it was a wonderful book, it would be better served with a different title. For some people, they DO want to "go to church" but yet the message of this book would still help them. For other folks, they stopped "going to church" a long time ago, so they might think the book wouldn't pertain to them. If you have read this book and think a different title would enhance the book, leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

I Wish

I wish...
I wish that every person on the face of the earth knew that God loved them.

I wish...

I wish that all people would live as though they knew God loved them.

I wish...

I wish that everyone reading this would walk in love toward one another.

I wish...

This month, may all our holy wishes come true.

Nothing Is Impossible With God

I go hiking in a place that looks like this. I must stand at attention and show respect to such a rock top tree. Not only that, but such a sight requires that I pause and contemplate. What a tree, eh? What if that tree said that it couldn't? What if it said, "Oh, but you don't understand my life. I simply cannot grow in these circumstances AND no one should expect me too!"
I'm glad it didn't say that. Instead, I think it said this to his Creator: "Okay, I don't quite understand these circumstances but you're the One who gives life, so let's go!"

I like such a tree. It inspires me! It tells me that life is more powerful than death. It tells me that life goes on and it encourages me to let God make me strong if I find myself in a situation that looks ridiculously impossible.

Dear friends, don't let any excuse keep you from growing and going on in Christ because NOTHING is impossible with God.

Now May The God Of All Hope

Now may the God of all hope
Fill you with all joy and peace in believing,
That you may abound with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

What type of mood are you dwelling in today?
How does being FILLED with ALL joy and peace sound?
Would you like to try ABOUNDING with hope?
Peace, joy and hope! What treasures! What blessings and privileges to the one who wants them! Isn't our Father just so, so, awesome? What a God!

Well, I'll add my desires with Paul's today and ask the same for you and me. Peace, joy and hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Enjoy!


It was for freedom that Christ set you free.

Over the last couple years I've been amazed to find out that many who name the name of Christ, do so because they are afraid not to! What??? It's as if someone has put a gun to their back and they feel no option but to "be a Christian".


I cannot relate to that. He called me and I answered. It's a love relationship. I have never been afraid of God. I wasn't afraid of Him before I knew Him and now I'm really not afraid of him. I respect Him as a parent but I'm not afraid He will hurt me. He's not an abusive dad. He is my loving Father.

How about you? Did you come to the Father out of fear? Has your relationship been fear based? Do you cower under imaginary disapproval? Dear friends, God has not given us a spirit of fear! Jesus said, Fear not! God's ways are so much higher than that! He loves you and wants you to live an abundant life! He wants a relationship with you. Even if fear was a motivating factor in your life at the beginning, don't let it end there. Be free! Be free to love! And be free to BE loved!

Mountain Missionary

I've been reminiscing a lot lately. I've been thinking about all the places I've been and the people I've known. What a journey it has been...

How well I remember being a young woman full of vision and energy that I wanted to pour out upon the world.... I had a dream of living among the mountain people of my home state of Washington. I would leave myself unemployed for the sole purpose of evangelizing one on one. I was quite brave and independent. My plans were to live in a tent all year long except the wintertime. I planned to live by faith and trust God to supply the money I would need for winter shelter and other needs that would arise while I continued to serve my mountain people. Months were spent saving up money for food and other necessities and I was collecting quite a supply of camping gear and all weather clothing. I was excited and full of zeal and ready to pour my life out for the world! Even though I had never heard of the term missionary, I guess that's what I wanted to be.

Well, it's now 28 years later and that dream never materialized. Do you know why? Because it wasn't the Father's plan for my life- that's why. I hadn't learned to listen for His voice. My heart still longs to share the love of God with all people but God's plans for me included sharing a tent with my husband and sharing the Lord with the Texas river people instead- for a little while anyway... Then He wanted me to birth and raise four sons plus a thousand other things.

I've had various outreach opportunities through the years but right now I'm simply enjoying this pleasant little blog spot and letting the Father lead me and guide me day by day. His plans and my plans have gradually become one. I've learned through His teaching, to rest in His will and not strive.

If you're frustrated or confused because there is something that you think you're supposed to be doing but it's just not happening- just relax. God is big and He is well able to guide you. He is leading you- even now.

Since I met Him

What if this was the first sight your eyes ever beheld?
Enjoy the words of this song spoken by the man who once was blind.
I get goose bumps every time I hear this song.
Oh, how I can relate!

Since I Met him

by Don Fransisco

Now it’s hard to describe what my life used to be
To someone who’s always been able to see
You know I wasn’t unhappy or bitter that way
But everything’s changed since I met him that day

I was down by the corner just passing the time
Sitting in the sunlight and feeling it shine
When the sounds of a crowd began to grow in my ear
So I waited and I listened as I heard them draw near

Then a man stepped up to me and he spat on the ground
He put the mud on my eyes and then smeared it around
Sent me off to Siloam to wash off the clay
And I opened my eyes and I looked at the day!!

And I have no idea how he did it.
I just know what happened to me
Yesterday I was in darkness
But since I met him I can see

When the Pharisees heard it they put me on trial
Even called in my parents and grilled them a while
And when at the end I defended the man
Who had opened my eyes all the trouble began

I said ever since the beginning of time
No one’s opened the eyes of someone born blind
This man’s sent from God it just can’t be denied
And they Cursed me and grabbed me and threw me outside

I really don’t know how he found me
I just know he was talkin’ to me
It was easy to tell by the sound of his voice
He was the reason I see

And as soon as he spoke to me I couldn’t hide
The emotion that welled up from deep down inside
And combined with the dreams that He’d made to come true
To kneel there and worship was all I could do!!

And I called Him my Lord and Messiah
For everything He’d done for me
Yesterday I was in darkness
But since I met Him I can see!

And I called Him my Lord and my savior
For everything He’d done for me
Yesterday I was in darkness
But Since I met Him
Since I met Him
Since I met Him I can see!!

Since I met Him- Messiah
Since I met Him- Messiah
Since I met Him I can see!!